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Athens and Epidaurus Festival 2015

This is the sixtieth Athens and Epidaurus Festival(2015), along all of these years it stayed connected with the greek society while it continued be active and changing. 2015 Festival will host important foreign invitees as well as Greek productions by established and younger artists. Ancient drama will be co-hosted along with the Greco-Japanese co-production of Homer’s Nekyia by the N […]

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A night out at Cine Thission

Cine Thission is the most celebrated outdoor cinema of Athens and one of the most well known around the world. CNN has listed it in the No1 place for the world’s most enjoyable movie theaters. Built in 1935 being the oldest outdoor movie theater in Athens, Cine Thission will make your night an unforgettable one. Its […]

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Where to eat Souvlaki in Athens

Souvlaki is definitely the most popular street food in Greece no matter if you are Greek or foreigner. In fact many tourists continue to seek the best Souvlaki spot even after they leave Greece. Below we are going to name a few places in Athens that you will taste some of the most delicious Souvlaki ever! Gefstiki Gonia(Tasty Corner) […]

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Athens 9th Tattoo Convention

The Athens International Tattoo Convention sets the pace of the tattoo community in Greece for the 9th year in a row, 15-16-17 May. In its established venue by the sea; Tae Kwon Do Stadium at Faliron Bay, Athens Tattoo Convention is set to attract thousands of visitors, offering some of the best Greek and international […]

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